Confirming employment relationships in the Ilmoita service

The employment relationships of employees must be confirmed in the Ilmoita service, at a minimum, every two years.

Employment relationships not confirmed by the deadline will be automatically deleted from the Ilmoita service. The Valtti card will also be closed in the deletion process.

This is how you confirm an employment relationship in the Ilmoita service:

  1. Log in to your company account at
  2. Move to the Ilmoita service by clicking “Ilmoita, Valtti card & ePerehdytys”.
  3. Move to the Employees menu.
  • In the upper part of the page you can see how many expiring employment relationships your company has.
  • On the right side of the employee list you can find the “CONFIRM” column.
  • The column in question tells you the date and, in colour, when the employee’s employment relationship information must be confirmed: 
  • Red: confirm employment relationship information immediately, no later than the deadline date.
  • Yellow: confirm employment relationship information within a year.
  • Green: confirm employment relationship information within two years.
  • The employee rows are organised in such a way that all employment relationship information that needs to be confirmed appears first on the list. If you wish, you can also organise employment relationship information according to the other columns.

4. Confirming employment relationship information:

  • Select the first employee on the list by clicking the employee row.
  • If an employee still has an employment relationship with your company, select the section above the employee rows “Confirm and save”. If an employee’s employment relationship has been terminated, select “Delete employee”.
  • After confirming or deleting employment relationship information, you will be moved to the next employee’s information automatically.
  • Confirm or delete the employees’ employment relationship information in the same way.

Your company should only have confirmed employment relationships in your employee information. We recommend you confirm or delete your employee information when the information is in yellow. Complete the inspection, at the latest, when the information is in red. If you do not confirm the information by the deadline, the employee’s information will be deleted from the service. The Valtti card will also be closed in the deletion process. Please note that the unintended closing of the Valtti card may affect your employees’ access to worksites.