The updating of the tax number register demands action from some of our customers in the Ilmoita service

The State Tax Authority is updating its public tax number register at the end of February 2019. In the update, all information concerning persons for whom the employee notifications required by the construction industry’s notification obligation have not been provided to the Finnish Tax Administration for the last two years will be deleted. If the State Tax Authority has not received the employee notifications of a certain employee, the person will be deleted from the register 28 February 2019. The official State Tax Authority briefing on the subject can be found here.

The updating of the tax number register will have an affect on some of our Ilmoita service users

Due to the update, some Tilaajavastuu customers must confirm their employees’ employment relationship information in the Ilmoita service. If an employee’s employment relationship information validity is not confirmed by the deadline date, the information will be deleted from the Ilmoita service. Any Valtti card associated with the employment relationship will also be closed.

The last confirmation date of the employment relationship validity can be found in the Ilmoita service’s Employees menu. Instructions on confirming employment relationship information can be found here. After confirming the employment relationship information we will re-register the information of the deleted employees  in the tax number register.

The updating of employee information, at this point, only affects those Tilaajavastuu customers who have registered unconfirmed employment relationship information in the Ilmoita service. We will send an email the companies whose employee information is insufficient. In the future, all companies must confirm their employee information regularly.