Service maintenance in the Tilaajavastuu services 15-18.12.2017

We are making changes in our services platform improving platform reliability and security. The maintenance work will be done between Friday 15th December starting at 5 PM and Monday 18th December finishing at 7 AM, rendering all our services unavailable during the weekend.

We´re sorry for any inconvenience the maintenance work will cause our customers.

Tilaajavastuu strengthens the online service platform and data security

Customer information 16.11.2017


We are making changes in our services platform improving platform reliability and security.

The changes are due to the to the development and procurement cooperation that Tilaajavastuu has started with the Swedish ID06 AB. Our aim is a joint service infrastructure in the future. As the first result of this cooperation we will have a shared user authentication process that enables a user to log in to both the Tilaajavastuu services and the ID06 service using the same credentials.

Improvements in services reliability

We will also make improvements to the company account management interface, our service database structures, and start using a new data center for disaster recovery purposes having backups of company account information, as well as information from the Ilmoita Service, Taito Competence Register, and the Valtti Card Storage.

After this, the primary data centers used in the production of our online services will be located in both Finland and Sweden. Some service functions used in the production of our individual services may be located in other data centers within the European Economic Area.

Our goal is that all our services we offer our customers are delivered using fault tolerant data centers with data replicated in at least two different geographical locations. This will improve the reliability of our online services. All personal data stored in our online services will remain within the European Economic Area.

ID06 AB  is a company owned by Sveriges Byggindustrier which in cooperation with the Swedish construction industry, created the ID06 standard for identification cards used in Sweden on construction sites.

Implementation of these changes will result in service breaks in our services in December. We will provide further information on the scheduled service breaks later.