Notification of the posting of a worker must be submitted starting 1 September 2017

Foreign companies posting workers to Finland must notify the occupational safety and health authority about the posting as of 1 September 2017. This notification can easily be submitted through Ilmoita service.

When must a notification be submitted?

  • The notification must be sent before or at the latest on the same day that the contractual work begins.
  • A notification must always be submitted in the construction sector. In other sectors, a notification must be submitted when the work takes over 5 days.
  • In the construction sector, a notification must also be given to the builder and project supervisor.
  • A complementary notification must be submitted if information in a notification changes substantially

The notification is contractor- and workplace-specific. If work is done for several different contractors or in several different locations, separate notifications must be submitted for each of them.


How can a notification be submitted?

  • A notification can be submitted through Ilmoita service
  • In Ilmoita service, a notification can be submitted on the ”Site registration” tab. The service automatically fills in some information, and you can fill in the rest. If the posting of the workers lasts over 10 days, information on the company’s representative in Finland must also be submitted in the notification.
  • A notification prepared in Ilmoita service is sent to the occupational safety and health authority through the service. You will receive a copy of the notification in your email, and you can also send the notification to the builder and project supervisor of the building site.
  • Ilmoita service is free of charge.


The legislation behind the duty to report is the Act on Posting Workers. The aim of this legislation is to place posted workers on an equal footing with Finnish workers. Please make sure that you submit a notification when posting workers as of 1 September 2017! If you do not comply with the duty to report, you may have to pay a negligence fee.


FAQ can be found here and further instructions here.