Amendments to the Ilmoita and Valtti Card Terms of Service 1.2.2019

The Valtti Card is a visual ID badge for the construction industry. The cards are ordered by the employer, for employees that have been entered in to the Tax Administration┬┤s public register of tax numbers, and whose information is stored in the Ilmoita service. An employee having a Valtti Card has always meant that the person is listed in the public register of tax numbers.

The Act governing the use of individual Tax Numbers and the public register of Tax Numbers within the construction industry (1231/2011) has been amended this year. The amendment brings forth changes in praxis regarding listing in the tax number register. Employees that have not been present in any employee reporting in the past 2 years, will be removed from the register by the Tax Administration. In this case, no separate notification will be sent to the data subject, or to the person on whose request the data has been listed there. The Tax Administration will start regular data deletions by the end of February 2019.

The new praxis results in the following changes in the Tilaajavastuu services:

  • The employer company will be required to confirm that employee information listed in the Ilmoita service is up-to-date. Confirmation is needed at least once a year.
  • Once information is confirmed, the service will automatically and regularly verify listing, and if necessary re-enter the employee information to the tax number register.
  • If employee information has not been confirmed, the employee will automatically be removed from the Ilmoita service and the Valtti Card will be closed.

The changes will ensure the following:

  • Employee information in the Ilmoita service is timely.
  • No need to manually check employee listing in the tax number register. Employees with valid Valtti Cards and information fetched from the Ilmoita service will be verified automatically.

Amendments to the Ilmoita and Valtti Card Terms of Service 1.2.2019. We will provide our customers with more detailed instructions in January, as well as introduce new tools to help maintain employee information in the service interface.

Find our amended Terms of service here.