Our services ease the administrative burden of your company

Legal obligations increase your company’s administrative burden. We exist to help you make it lighter and at the same time increase your company’s opportunities for success.

The Reliable Partner service is the easiest way to take care of the obligation that come from the Contractor's Liability Act. The service retrieves all required information from different registers, and keeps the information up to date and published. You'll save time and effort, when you don´t need to collect and deliver all documents required separately to the buyer. By joining, the supplier company shows itself to be acting with integrity. Find a report by logging into the service.
Veronumero.fi supplies the tools for clients and contractors in the construction and real estate business to fulfill their legal responsibilities. The service collects the contract and employee information for each building site together and forwards it to the Tax Administration. All necessary information is simultaneously made available to constructors, project supervisors and other involved parties in the entire contract chain.
Every person working on a construction site is required to carry a personal ID card with a photo and the tax number. Valtticards are supplied in a package including a Valtti smart card with an electronic chip and the personal ID card required on the site. You can order additional cards from the Ilmoita service. If your company is not yet registered as a user of the Tilaajavastuu.fi service, register first.
Raportti PRO -palvelun avulla arkistoit raportit vaivattomasti
The Report PRO archives all downloaded Reliable Partner reports. When subscribed to the service all your downloaded reports are archived automatically and you don't have to archive them separately.
Our partner programme is intended for software and service providers who want to complement their offering with Tilaajavastuu’s information content. We will provide partners with the technical connectivity and access to our services.
Valvoja offer clients the tools for monitoring suppliers’ compliance with the contractor’s obligations information. It shows up-to-date information on the suppliers that are Reliable Partners and sends a notification of any arrears by email. The user creates a monitoring list and adds the suppliers to it. The pricing of the service is dependent on the number of suppliers. There is no limit to the number of users.
The Taito Competence Register makes it easy to gather all competencies in one register. The competencies are connetcted to the Valtti card and can be checked at any time by the use of our simple mobile app.
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