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What is the Reliable Partner service?

The Reliable Partner service compiles a report on statutory information, including statutory accident insurances, applicable collective agreements and information on whether tax and employment pension obligations are fulfilled. By joining the Reliable Partner service, the supplier permits for information on the fulfillment of these obligations to publicly searched for free on the Reports service.


What are the benefits of joining the service?

By joining the Reliable Partner service as a supplier, you no longer need to submit the certificates on your company stipulated by the Contractor’s Obligations Act. All the information is available to your clients in our Reports service free of charge.


How can I join?

You can join the service by entering your company’s information onto a proxy and sending the signed proxy to Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy. This authorises the search and publication of your company’s information (tax, pension, accident insurance, applicable collective agreements and occupational healthcare) in the Tilaajavastuu.fi service. You only need to fill out and submit the proxy once.


How much does the service cost?

The annual fee of the Reliable Partner service is €105 + VAT 24%. The annual fee includes information on liability insurance and occupational healthcare, which were previously subject to a surcharge.


When will I receive the first invoice for Reliable Partner membership?

You will receive the first invoice within two weeks of becoming a member of the Reliable Partner service.


Where can I get the Reliable Partner logo?

The Reliable Partner membership logo may be used by all companies that have joined the membership programme.

Once you have joined, visit  https://www.tilaajavastuu.fi/en/reliable-partner-logo// to start using the logo.

More information as well as the terms and conditions for the use of the logo:





User management

The main user is able to invite additional users to the company account.
Instructions for the main user on inviting new users:
1. Sign in to the company account https://www.tilaajavastuu.fi.
2. Select “User management”, which you can find underneath the company name.
3. Invite new users on the “User management” page by selecting +New user.
4. Choose whether you want the new account to be a main user or a basic user. A main user can delete and add new user accounts, while a basic user is only able to view and download Reliable Partner reports.
5. Add the new user’s email address and select ”Send invitation”.


Forgotten password

Reset your password by clicking the “Forgot your password?” link: https://portal.tilaajavastuu.fi/#/profile/forgot-password?_k=nz1rpz. You will receive an automatic email with instructions on how to reset your password.
If you want to change the password for your user account, you can do it by signing in to your company account from the Tilaajavastuu.fi front page. Once you have signed in, click on your name in the right corner and select “Change the password” from the drop-down menu.


Detailed instructions for the usage of the company account: https://www.tilaajavastuu.fi/en/company-account/




What reports will my company get by joining the service?

Your company will have the report mandated by the Contractor’s Obligations Act, which you can access for free in the Reports service. Additionally, the front page of the report is published under Quick Check.


When will my company’s Reliable Partner report be available?

Your Reliable Partner report will be available in our service free of charge immediately after the proxy has been processed.


How do I get the Reliable Partner report?

Sign in to the company account https://auth.tilaajavastuu.fi/oxauth/login. When you are signed in, you will be able to retrieve Reliable Partner reports.
You need a user account to be able to sign in to the service. Create a user account by registering at “Create a new account”. When you have registered, you will gain access to the Reliable Partner reports.


Why does the “Selvitettävää”, or “Clarification needed”, notification go to my clients?

Your client is using our Valvoja service. This is a service for clients with which they can automatically monitor their suppliers’ compliance with the Contractor’s Obligations Act. Valvoja service users can, for example, add companies to a monitoring list by construction site in which case a notification about the report will also be seen by the administrator of the monitoring list.


Can I have an advance notification about a report that is about to change to “Selvitettävää”, or “Clarification needed”, status?

We will always notify you about changes to report status by email. Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to notify you about this in advance, because Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy is obligated to publish information from pension insurance companies and the Tax Administration without delay.


What does the “OK” symbol mean?

The “OK” symbol means that your contractor’s obligations are met according to our information sources. The symbol is used when there are no items missing, to be noted or clarified in the company information.


What should I do if the “Huomioi”, or “Note”, symbol is on my company report?

The “Note” symbol is used when the client should take an exception into account for the supplier, such as exemption from VAT registration, for example. Your company, the supplier, should send the necessary proof of the exception to the client on their request. The symbol does not prevent the client from placing a job order.


What should I do if my company report includes the “Tietoja odotetaan”, or “Information pending”, symbol?

An “Information pending” symbol in the report means that some information is either missing or we are waiting for information from a pension insurance company, for example.


What should I do if my company report includes the “Selvitä”, or “Clarify”, symbol?

Your company report may have the “Clarify” symbol for the following reasons:

•    Tax payment information needs to be clarified, and/or
•    Pension insurance information needs to be clarified.

Contact the customer service of the Tax Administration and/or your pension insurance company to find out the reason for the symbol and settle missed payments. Submit payment certificates to Tilaajavastuu to remove the symbol. NOTE: A “Clarify” symbol does not prevent cooperation between supplier and client if the neglected obligations are fulfilled.


Why does my report have a “SEIS”, or “STOP”, symbol?

A “STOP” sign appears on your company report if one of the following is visible on your company’s Trade Register Extract:

•    a person with a ban on business operations
•    the company has been liquidated according to the Finnish Business Information System
•    the company is bankrupt according to the Finnish Business Information System
•    the company is no longer operational according to the Finnish Business Information System




Can I print out the certificates from my report separately?

A specific portion of the report, such as accident insurance, cannot be printed out separately from the company report. However, a company report retrieved from the service replaces all certificates that otherwise should be submitted separately.


Which certificates should be sent with the proxy?

When you want your Reliable Partner report to be “OK” status, provide us with the following certificates:
•    If your company does not have hired labour
o    A tax liability certificate (no older than 10 days)

•    If your company does have hired labour, you may also provide us with
o    The payment and validity certificate for employee pension (TyEL) insurance (no older than 10 days)
o    A certificate for the statutory accident insurance (no older than 3 months)
o    Information about the statutory health care provider
o    Information about which collective labor agreement your company follows
In addition, as voluntary information, you may also send us the certificate for liability insurance and a certificate for entrepreneur’s accident insurance (no older than 3 months).


What address should I send certificates to?

You can send all certificates via email to customerservice@tilaajavastuu.fi (as PDF files) or by mail to:
Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy, Tarvonsalmenkatu 17 B, 02600 ESPOO


How old may certificates be?

Certificates are acceptable if they are no older than 3 months (accident and liability insurance), or no older than 10 days (tax debt and pension insurance validity and payment information). Occupational healthcare information should be updated every 6-8 weeks. We will remind all our customers to supply us with the relevant update/confirmation every 6-8 weeks until user interfaces to the occupational healthcare providers have been established.


Do you automatically update liability insurance information after I have submitted the first insurance certificate?

Liability insurance is voluntary information. Unfortunately, we cannot automatically update this information. Instead, you should submit updated liability insurance information once a year.


I have submitted a liability insurance certificate. Why can I no longer see it on my report?

If the validity period of the submitted certificate has expired, the insurance will no longer be visible on your report (for example, if the validity period on the certificate is January 1st to December 31st). In this case, contact your insurance company, request a new liability insurance certificate from them and send it to Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy.


I have sent you certificates via email/mail. How soon will the information appear on my report?

All certificates sent to us are entered into our service within approximately one working day from receiving them.


My company is an employment agency. How do I submit information on the collective agreements we follow?

All employment agencies should submit information on all the collective agreements they follow for their agency-hired labour. The report lists all submitted collective agreements. The easiest way to send this information is by email to customerservice@tilaajavastuu.fi, listed in an Excel file, for example.




How do I update my company’s information?

Send us the certificates via email to customerservice@tilaajavastuu.fi in PDF-format.

You can manage your company’s information and users in the company account. It is possible to update the name or invoicing address https://portal.tilaajavastuu.fi, for example.


How can I update my company’s occupational healthcare information?

Occupational healthcare information is automatically updated if your company’s occupational healthcare provider is one of the following: Attendo Terveyspalvelut Oy, Promedi, Kuninkaantien työterveys, Mehiläinen, Suomen Terveystalo, Euromedfin Oy, Kristiinamedi Ab, Ipsorum Oy or Lääkärikeskus Aava.

If you have a different occupational healthcare provider, you should update the information regularly. We send an email query to our customers every 6-8 weeks in which we ask them to confirm the information or to report any changes. We recommend using this update request link to update occupational healthcare information.

If your occupational healthcare provider changes, please inform us in writing by sending an email to customerservice@tilaajavastuu.fi.


Why is some occupational healthcare information updated automatically?

Some occupational healthcare providers have electronic interfaces to our service through which updates happen automatically.

We are also negotiating with other occupational healthcare providers about opening electronic interfaces to our service so that updates would happen automatically in the future.


What should I do if my insurance company changes?

As stated in the terms and conditions of the Reliable Partner service, you must inform the customer service of Suomen Tilaajavastuu if your insurance company changes. We recommend informing us about these changes as early as possible to ensure that your company report remains up to date.

If you change your accident insurance company, send us a certificate for your new accident insurance.

If you change your pension insurance company, the quickest way to update your company information is by sending us a certificate for your new pension insurance that is no older than 10 days. Otherwise the information will be updated automatically within 2 months depending on your pension insurance company.


What should I do if my company’s Business ID or name changes?

You must inform Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy of changes to your company name, so we can update this information into the service. If the Business ID of your company is changed or terminated, you must inform Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy of this and, additionally, fill in and send a new proxy for your new Business ID.


My company is under enforcement, what should I do?

At present, we do not receive information from enforcement authorities on payment programmes. Because of this, we unfortunately cannot update the information on companies with enforcement arrangements until all enforced amounts have been paid in full. The report shows the “Clarification needed” notification for enforced payments. However, your company can use the report from our service and submit it to clients together with the enforcement schedule.

When the enforcement programme is completed, please notify our customer service at customerservice@tilaajavastuu.fi. We will then update your information into our service.


My company has applied for corporate debt restructuring. What should I do?

District courts decide on the initiation of debt restructuring proceedings, depending on its feasibility and whether the largest creditors are in favour of the arrangement. In its decision, the district court announces a schedule for declaring debts and other receivables, and sets a deadline for the restructuring programme, which is prepared by a court trustee. If the creditors accept the restructuring programme, it is confirmed by the district court and the restructuring proceedings end.

During the debt restructuring proceedings, the company should provide additional information about the situation to its clients in addition to the Tilaajavastuu.fi company report; information on the company report may have “Clarification needed” status for unpaid receivables. As soon as the district court has confirmed the restructuring programme and our information sources have been notified, information on the restructuring programme is updated into the tax information on your company report.



How can I terminate my Reliable Partner membership?

You can terminate your membership by sending an email to customerservice@tilaajavastuu.fi with “Termination” on the subject line. In the message field, please include your company name, Business ID, reason for termination (company no longer operational, for example) and the signatory of the termination. You can also terminate your membership by sending the above information via mail to our postal address.