Disturbance in the billing system

Dear Customer,

Between June 30th at 19.10 and July 1st at 9.40 there was a serious disturbance in our service provider’s ProCountor billing system, which caused multiple invoices to be created for some charges.


– Invoices with invoice numbers between 596988 and 601394 dated June 30 2019 are justified and must be paid according to the information on the invoice.

– Invoices with invoice numbers between 601395 and 658687 dated June 30 2019 and July 1 2019 have been formed due to the disturbance in the system and should be canceled.

If you are unable to cancel the invoices, you can request credit notes at the address: hyvitykset@tilaajavastuu.fi.

In your message, please provide the business ID of the company and the method of sending the credit notes to your business. Credit notes can be sent either via the same billing channel as the original invoices or as PDF attachments via email.


If your company is a ProCountor customer, that is, has received the unjustified invoices as purchase invoices to ProCountor, you may contact the ProCountor Administration (hallinto@finago.com) and settle claims directly with ProCountor.

If you use a billing system other than Procountor, and the extra invoices have resulted in extra costs, you must contact Suomen Tilaajavastuu (hyvitykset@tilaajavastuu.fi), and we will direct the claims to ProCountor. You must be able to prove the amount of extra costs and the fact that the extra costs were due to the unjustified invoices sent due to the error, i.e. the costs must be directly related to the invoices caused by the disturbance.

We are sorry for the inconvenience caused by the situation!


Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy