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We offer services that help comply with the Contractor’s Obligations Act and the Tax Number Act. Our main customers are businesses in the construction industry, as well as public administration organisations. We supply them either directly or through our partners with electronic services that help fulfill their administrative obligations.

is Finland’s largest and most comprehensive register for information stipulated in the Contractor’s Obligations Act aimed at business customers.
assists clients and suppliers in the construction and real estate businesses in fulfilling their legal obligations.
Owners and membership benefits
Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT.
Rakennusteollisuus RT ry is a federation encompassing the entire construction industry, comprising Rakennusteollisuus RT ry as the central organisation and five industries as members. The five industries include a total of more than 2,600 member companies with nearly 55,000 employees. The total revenue of the members is approximately 15 billion euro.
The Housing Construction Industry Association TRT ry
Talonrakennusteollisuus ry is the housing construction industry association in Rakennusteollisuus RT. One of the chief tasks of the housing industry association is to take care of its member companies’ interest in matters relating to the labour market and industrial policies, among other things by participating in preliminary legislation and decision activities relating to the industry, as well as drawing up initiatives that promote its member companies’ business.
The Finnish Real Estate Federation
Suomen Kiinteistöliitto ry’s members include housing companies, real estate management companies, owners of rental dwelling properties and landlords. Kiinteistöliitto takes care of estate owners’ interests, is an expert organisation for the real estate industry and a leading influencer in the industry. Members can avail themselves of the latest information regarding the industry, as well as the services of specialist real estate experts.
The Electrical Contractors´ Association of Finland STUL
Sähkö- ja teleurakoitsijaliitto STUL ry’s members are 2,000 electrical, telecom and network contractors, as well as 900 other electrical building technology companies who are members of the federation’s 14 member associations. Established in 1933, the federation takes care of its members’ interests and is an information provider in the electrical industry.
The Construction Quality Association
Rakentamisen Laatu RALA ry is an actor established by real estate and construction industry associations with the goal of improving circumstances for better construction quality and healthy competition. RALA collects and maintains information on the companies working in the industry, evaluates them and awards qualifications and classifications.
The Finnish Association of Building Owners and Construction Clients
RAKLI´s members include Finland´s most prominent owners of residential and commercial properties and infrastructure, tenants of commercial facilities, property investors, building contractors and service providers. The members represent both the private and the public sector, and member organisations number around 200 in total. RAKLI´s goal is to ensure that buildings and infrastructure serve the needs of their users, and that our built environment is functional and attractive.
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