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Every person working on a construction site is required to carry a personal ID card with a photo and the tax number.
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Customer Information
The updating of the tax number register demands action from some of our customers in the Ilmoita service
Suomen Tilaajavastuu 21.1.2019
Due to the updating of the State Tax Authority’s tax number register, some of our Ilmoita service users must confirm their employees’ employment relationship information in the service.
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Customer information
Amendments to the Ilmoita and Valtti Card Terms of Service 1.2.2019
Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy 30.12.2018
The Act governing the use of individual Tax Numbers and the public register of Tax Numbers within the construction industry (1231/2011) has been amended this year. The amendment brings forth changes in praxis regarding listing in the tax number register. Employees that have not been present in any employee reporting in the past 2 years, will be removed from the register by the Tax Administration. In this case, no separate notification will be sent to the data subject, or to the person on whose request the data has been listed there. The Tax Administration will start regular data deletions by the end of February 2019.
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Press Release
Real estate and construction sectors receive funding of over EUR 10 million for digital innovation
Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy 5.12.2018
Platform of Trust is one of the most important projects in the real estate and construction sectors. Business Finland has just granted Platform of Trust Growth Engine funding of EUR 5 million for the international development of the platform.
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