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The easiest way to fulfill all the requirements of the Contractor’s Obligations Act
Register your company to a building site and manage your employee and company information.
Every person working on a construction site is required to carry a personal ID card with a photo and the tax number.
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Current issues
Customer information Ohjelmapäivitys Tilaajavastuu-palvelussa
Service maintenance: 11-12 January 2018
Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy 11.1.2018
We are making security improvements in our services platform. The maintenance work will start on Thursday 11th January at 10 PM and is estimated to be finished at 6 AM on Friday morning.  All our services are unavailable during the maintenance break. We´re sorry for any inconvenience the maintenance work will cause our customers.
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Information Ohjelmapäivitys Tilaajavastuu-palvelussa
Service maintenance in the Tilaajavastuu services 15-18.12.2017
Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy 16.11.2017
The changes are due to the Tilaajavastuu and ID06 product development and procurement cooperation. Our aim is a joint service infrastructure in the future. Tilaajavastuu and ID06 have already developed a joined user management system that enables users to sign in to both service providers using the same user details. Improving the web service reliability  We will also improve the company account management interface,our service database structures, and implement a new service center to back up company account information, as well as information from the Ilmoita service, Taito competence register, and the Valtti Card storage.
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Notification of the posting of a worker must be submitted starting 1 September 2017
Suomen Tilaajavastuu Oy 28.8.2017
Foreign companies posting workers to Finland must notify the occupational safety and health authority about the posting as of 1 September 2017. This notification can easily be submitted through Ilmoita service.
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nSense Oy considers Tilaajavastuu an exemplary business leader in the fields of secure delivery of digital services, contingency preparations and capability development.
Jonas Lundberg, CEO, nSense Oy